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  • AXA

    The AXA-Chatbot for technical Support in Customer Service

    Development of a chatbot in order to ensure customer satisfaction through optimal support at all times.

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    Redevelopment of the end customer portal MyAXA in a mixed, agile team of AXA and INNOQ employees.

    With a team of seven people, INNOQ was responsible for the conception of the software architecture, its development and the design of a scalable cloud infrastructure. The modularization took place vertically according to the principles of Self-contained Systems with the integration of the subsystems in the Web UI. Above all, the implementation of the Hardware Security Module (Cloud HSM) for the encryption of personal and especially health data in compliance with the strict German Data Protection Act was important.


  • Breuninger

    IT verticalization of the new e-commerce platform

    An IT verticalization concept based on a self-contained systems (SCS) architecture provides Breuninger with more detailed insights into the activities of its customers. The response time for the implementation of market-relevant features in the online shop has been significantly shortened.

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    Every Order Confirmation is a Promise

    The fashion and lifestyle company Breuninger is known for its premium collections. In order to offer its customers an optimal shopping experience, the company uses a distributed order management system.

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  • Deutsche Post


    Architecture, agile software development and infrastructure for Deutsche Post’s De-Mail solution.

    The product development task consisted of the conception and development of a web platform, the setup of a corresponding redundant infrastructure (firewalls, routers, servers, databases, etc.) and the integration of external interfaces (including customer service). Notable are the very high security requirements for the system, which had to be considered in product development and operating processes and are defined in the technical guidelines for De-Mail.
    Within the scope of the project, INNOQ took over the design of the software architecture including technology selection, implementation and related tasks at the interface to operations. The team comprised up to 18 people at two locations.


  • Eckelmann

    Refrigeration monitoring platform for the food retail industry

    Vendor-independent fault monitoring and troubleshooting for supermarkets. With an open software architecture for minimal standardization.

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  • FIR RWTH Aachen


    Energy management in the cloud to increase the energy efficiency of manufacturing companies.

    Cloud-based solution (SaaS) for small and medium-sized enterprises. Enables the implementation of flexible energy management without in-depth energy knowledge and with little distraction from day-to-day business, and is ready for current and future energy challenges. A plug & play machine integration guarantees minimum effort and maximum flexibility at low cost.


  • Heraeus Kulzer

    Cloud platform for order processes

    Cloud-based platform for the handling of order processes in the dental sector.

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    Fully Inclusive

    What doesn’t exist, we can develop – according to this motto we developed Spacy – a universal-design online whiteboard for our internal company events. The reason is as simple as it is important: allowing everyone to participate equally.

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  • insurninja

    Esports InsurTech Start-Up

    Technischer Partner beim Aufbau eines Versicherungsangebotes für den E-Sport.

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    ProofForms 8

    Unterstützt die Pflege-Gutachter bei der Terminplanung, der Korrespondenz und der digitalen Übertragung der erstellten Gutachten an MEDICPROOF.

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  • METRO digital

    Pick & Pack

    New development of the verticalized system Pick & Pack, which is used for the work processes in the warehouses and for assembling and packing orders.

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    Internationally applicable vehicle database and API

    Central data service with all vehicle variants and combination options for all departments of the company.

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  • Movacar

    From Idea to Prototype in 4 Days

    Gaining valuable and real user feedback regarding the envisioned business case of the startup through product development and prototyping in a Design Sprint.

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  • Reisekosten-Gorilla

    Pain Point Becomes Product

    Product development and tech-4-equity investment for an employee-founded SaaS startup in fintech

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    Machine Learning solution for load-bearing capacity estimation

    Analysis of historical, multi-dimensional data and visualization of special features. Data quality improvements. Full implementation of a deep learning model including model design, training processes, and inference.

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    Digitalization of quotation management

    Design and development of a Self-contained systems ecosystem for full service quotation management including automated structural analysis, production planning, delivery scheduling, purchasing support.

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  • SIX


    Digitisation of the land register administration and handling of business transactions in the real estate sector.

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  • smide

    pick and ride

    Product development and buildup of an IoT platform for e-bike sharing

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    Remote solution for financial advisory services

    Lean and quickly implementable solution enabling personal customer meetings remotely – securely and DSGVO-compliant.

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  • Umweltbundesamt

    Semantic Network Service

    Relaunch of the Semantic Network Services (SNS) of the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA). In the scope of this Open Government Data initiative INNOQ developed the Open Source Vocabulary Management System iQvoc.

    Important services include the common vocabulary of environmental information and the environmental chronicle.


  • Vodafone

    Customer Self Care

    Refactoring of a customer self care web application within a technically separate application area into a microservice with an automated deployment pipeline.

    With the Self Care application, customers can manage their account and settings. The application is used in various national subsidiaries.

  • Vorwerk

    Thermomix Platform

    Design and architecture of the Thermomix platform based on Self-Contained Systems (SCS) and Microservices. Organizational transformation to independent development teams. Responsibility for central tasks such as encrypted firmware updates. Rollout in China.

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    Architecture consulting and software engineering for the cloud backend of the Thermomix Recipe Platform.

    Ziel des Projekts war, die Thermomix Recipe Platform (TRP) in die Cloud zu bringen. Damit konnte der steigenden, aber schwankenden Anzahl der gleichzeitig aktiven Benutzer*innen begegnet werden. Die technische Umsetzung erfolgte mit Amazon Web Services.


  • Yetu

    Smart home application

    Platform architecture and frontend development for a smart home startup.

    Mit einem Team von 4 Entwicklerinnen und Entwicklern entwarf und implementierte INNOQ wesentliche Elemente des Home Gateways basierend auf Eclipse Smart Home. Das Team entwarf außerdem die REST/Hypermedia-API für die Kommunikation zwischen verschiedenen Geräten und der zentralen Anwendung und war zudem für das User Interface für Web Browser, mobile Geräte und Fernseher verantwortlich. Zum Einsatz kamen unter anderem ESH, REST, Scala, Akka, OpenShift, Play, AngularJS.

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