Strategy and technology consulting

Before we give advice, we listen.

Before we convince you, we convince ourselves.

The result: Technology that moves everyone forward.

Nothing interests us more than new technology. But, for us, strategy and technology consulting is not about the latest thing; it’s about the best fit for you and your needs. Thanks to our cross-industry experience, we are able to ask you the right questions and provide you with the right answers. You profit from our edge in knowledge. To make sure your decision is fit for the future.

Looking at the big picture is part of our DNA.

Our individualized technology and strategy consulting for your company initially begins – very generally – with us ourselves. The logic behind this is very simple: We can provide you with the best consulting only when we have the best knowledge of technology. The latest trends, upcoming upheavals, new products and developments are as much a part of our everyday activities as standard technologies. In a manner of speaking, almost every employee is a separate research and development department. Best of all: All of them share their knowledge with their colleagues. In this way, we accumulate cross-sector know-how, which we can then transform into sector-specific requirements.

Amidst the gigantic range of technologies and such trendy buzzwords as digitalization, Industry 4.0, big data, and the Internet of things, we do not lose sight of the big picture. With an analytical eye, we identify the technologies that are right and important for you. Before we can in good conscience recommend anything, we check it top to bottom, inside and out. That goes for established, widely used technologies as well as for the latest hype. That does not mean that we are not able to get excited about the latest bleeding edge technology (on the contrary!), but we recommend it only if it suits the task – not just because we’d like to try it out. Conversely, we don’t just make conservative decisions. Because even the most established technology can be wrong in a particular case. Our creed: as conservative as necessary, as future-oriented as possible. But without doubt, the most important thing for us and our customers is our independence. When we work in partnership with individual providers, it is because we are convinced of their performance. We are not influenced by contracts, commissions, or cooperative ventures. Because the more objective our perspective, the better able we are to recognize the right technology.

From all the alternatives, we select the best one.

The next step in our strategy and technology consulting is the analysis phase. We take a very close look at your company and your tasks, ask questions, and examine existing processes and technologies. What are the sector-specific, company-specific, or even product-specific requirements? What are your competitors doing? What are the demands of our target group, or can we reach new target groups with a technological edge? There are other influencing factors as well – legal, political, ecological, cultural, and many more. Only then can we develop a successful strategy that gives you the decisive competitive advantage.

And here, too, we follow clear principles: A technology makes sense only when it can be used sustainably over the long term; when it does not create any cost-intensive dependencies; and when it can be used in the company independently of us or other cooperating partners. That is why it is also important to us to share our knowledge with you and to train your employees accordingly. It can also happen that the best product for your requirements does not even exist yet or that an existing product will have to be modified for your needs. Sometimes, the entire organization must change, or individual processes have to be modified, in order to exploit the advantages of digitalization. In any case, we stand at your side with our many years of experience – with all our passion for technology.