The most intelligent solution has the final word.

INNOQ is a software consulting and development company. We are most visible in our presentations and training, but in fact, we spend only about 20% of our time in pure consulting, training, and workshops and 80% in developing development-related services. We don't just want to talk about the right thing, but to do it, too! As in any consulting firm, the following also applies to us: Our most valuable resource is the people who work for us. Each and every day, we must demonstrate anew how important this team is to us. We do so through unlimited trust. That is the most important cornerstone of our corporate culture. We have absolute confidence in the technical and decision-making competency of our employees. And it is not just we as a company that profits from this. Because we decentralize decisions to the maximum extent, because we extensively eliminate rules and defined processes, our actions are efficient and uncomplicated. Because everyone here is used to working independently, because we have extremely flat hierarchies, we are a more capable and flexible partner for our customers. This results in an equally important component of our DNA: There is no overall company opinion. We are convinced of the great competency and experience of our colleagues; which is why we are happy to give them the opportunity to convince us. In substantive discussions, everyone is on an equal footing - regardless of his or her role. Even if that means open contradiction and discussion, even if that is often not the simplest way, in the end everyone profits - namely from the best solution.

Sharing knowledge, multiplying competency.

Enthusiasm for technology is firmly anchored in the genes of INNOQ. We want to shape the future by developing and implementing powerful, useful, and effective systems. We are constantly searching for new and better methods, because, very simply, we are convinced that there is always an even better way. That is why continued training and internal knowledge transfer have such a high value at our company. Viewed from the outside, that does take a lot of time, but it pays off many times over - through even more competency, even more motivation, and even more fun. The first example of this is the multi-day company events that are held six times a year. Valuable days on which we devote ourselves completely to communication and continued education. But they are also days on which we are not available to our customers. In the end, however, they are our customers precisely because we have all become a little bit smarter and more innovative. And this is knowledge, by the way, that we are happy to share with you: in practical training on topics of architecture and technology.

Key competencies are the best door openers.

Of course, sales and marketing are also important to us, but we have decided upon a rather unusual path in this area as well: At our company, only the principal consultants are responsible for sales, although they don't deal only with sales. They are primarily consultants, and they apply their knowledge and expertise for existing customers each and every day. That means: When you as customer have contact with one of us who is preparing a bid for you, clarifying conditions, and putting together the appropriate team, the people you talk to know what they are talking about. In marketing, too, we are concerned primarily about concrete contents. That is why we do not do advertising in the classical sense. The customers that are a good fit for us are best reached through technical articles, conference presentations, books, or workshops and training. This also enables us to address the technically well-versed decision makers directly. After all, they can best assess whether our range of services and way of working are a fit for them. That avoids misunderstandings, enabling us to reach our goals must faster together.