innoQ offers technology consulting, software development, architecture know-how and trainings.

Leading edge, not bleeding edge

We help you and your team select and apply new technologies to solve your actual problems.

Whether you’re starting to build something new, want to make sure you’re on the right track, or are in need of hands-on support for your team: Our experienced consultants will work with you to get results that can be put into action. And we’re not part of any ideological camp: If something makes sense, we’ll recommend you to use it. We’ll help you in getting the most out of new and exciting, yet proven technologies, without falling into the trap of applying immature solutions.

A system’s success is determined by its architecture

We apply several decades of expertise to help you with your software architecture.

You want your software systems and the landscapes they form to be maintainable, perform well, scale when needs grow, and allow for efficient, parallel development? We can create a new initial architecture for your new development efforts and adapt it over time. We evaluate your existing architectures and help you make the right decisions about their future. We’ll support your migration towards your intended architecture.

Systems with sustainable value

Use our development services to get the solution you want and need.

While we’re all technology fans, we love to get to know your domain and then – preferably in close co-operation with you – build a system that supports it perfectly. We’ll build it in an agile fashion to minimize risk and ensure we build the right thing. We’ll deliver something that matches your requirements quickly, and we use whatever technology makes the most sense for the given project.

Experience, not theory

Trainings provided by experienced practitioners who have applied what they teach.

We love to provide the kind of training we ourselves like to attend: Conducted by actual developers and architects, personally experienced in applying what they teach. That’s why we don’t have a single “trainer” (i.e., an individual who only does training). We offer public trainings, where one of the major benefits is the interaction among the participants with different backgrounds, as well as individually customized in-house trainings that cater to your exact needs.

Do what’s right instead of following orders

The minimal amount of rules and pride in doing things we find interesting.

We like to think everyone working at innoQ is an adult, and we treat each other accordingly: Everyone has great freedom and responsibility, and we’d rather risk making mistakes from time to time than creating a rigid control structure. The basic rule is very simple: If it’s stupid, we don’t do it. We also invest a significant amount of time and effort to ensure everyone’s up to date on relevant technologies and methods, and we’re happy to share with the community in every possible form – from conferences through articles, podcasts and open source software.