We give technology a purpose.
We future-proof your ideas.

Honest consulting, innovative thinking, and a passion for software development means: We deliver successful software solutions, infrastructure and business models.

Our Services

Strategy and Technology Consulting

Before we give advice, we listen.
Before we convince you, we convince ourselves.
The result: Technology that moves everyone forward.
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Digital Business Models

Forward-thinking Digital Solutions.
Combining Knowledge and Strengths.
Developing unique services from your ideas.
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Software Architecture and Development

No architecture without a plan.
No development without a how and why.
No decision without a reason.
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Digital Platforms and Infrastructure

Development and operations as teamwork.
Perfect automation.
State-of-the-art technology for the best solution.
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Knowledge Transfer, Coaching, and Trainings

Our theory is informed by years of experience.
We make progress because we take the necessary steps.
And we share our know-how to increase your advantage.
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Unsere neue Themenseite

Blockchain –
eine Kette der Möglichkeiten

Bitcoin und andere Kryptowährungen wie Ethereum haben die Blockchain zu einem absoluten Hypethema gemacht. Aber Blockchain ist weit mehr als Bitcoin. Viele Definitionen und Artikel sind sperrig und tragen wenig zur Erklärung bei. Wir beleuchten das Thema auf einer neuen Info-Seite ganz einfach und zeigen Anwendungsfälle, die auch in Ihrem Unternehmen eine sinnvolle Lösung sein können.
Case Study

Custom-tailored packing, customized delivery

METRO AG had an ambitious plan: to convert the entire warehousing and delivery system to verticalization. In the successful transformation, INNOQ was responsible for product development and deployment of the system Pick & Pack.
Artist Collaboration

INNOQ Digital Art

The “INNOQ Digital Art” program fosters collaboration between INNOQ and select digital artists with the aim to reflect on questions about technological advances and their social impact. This program focusses on collaborative creation of art works and extensive exchange between the artists and INNOQ employees.
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