Phillip Ghadir

Managing Director

Phillip Ghadir advises customers on issues related to software architecture, technology and development. In addition, he regularly gives trainings on software architecture.

Stefan Tilkov

Managing Director

Stefan Tilkov mainly focuses on strategic consulting for customers in the software architecture environment. He is the author of the book "REST and HTTP", co-editor of "SOA-Expertenwissen" (both dpunkt.verlag), author of numerous articles and frequent speaker at international conferences.

Oliver Wolf

Managing Director

Oliver Wolf's main interests are the architecture of highly scalable, distributed systems and the close integration of development and operations ("DevOps"). Previously, he worked for various other companies as lead architect, technical product manager, development manager and IT security consultant, among others.


Roman Roth

Managing Director

Roman Roth has been dealing with the strategic aspects of information technology for companies for many years. His particular personal focus is on the topics of IT enterprise architecture, re-engineering and rightsizing.