Getting to know one another is the best knowledge transfer.

In our many years of experience, we have learned one thing above all: We have to talk! We can improve your business success, only if we understand everything. What are your goals, and what are the motivations behind those goals? What challenges and problems do you confront each day? Are there existing systems, dependencies upon partners or laws and regulations? In return, you can learn all about us as well. We are happy to explain in concrete terms how we have achieved our many years of successful project experience. Explain to you what we consider ready enough for practical application and what we would like to try out first. That way you can see in advance whether collaboration really makes sense. We're completely open and honest about that. And we are happy to find customers who are, too.

Take us at our word!

When we decide to work together, we take the “together” just as literally as the “work”. It all starts with mutual respect among us, our customers, partners, and employees. It also means that we say no now and then and that we talk openly about problems. And we do not consider ourselves to be something better, just because we are more familiar with our own domain. After all, you are the specialist in your area, and we will reach the best results, when we look each other squarely in the eye. That is why, at INNOQ, the interpersonal is just as important a success factor as facts, figures, and technology. Even though - or perhaps because - technology is always the focus of our work. Speaking of technology: There is one thing you can depend on: We do not just pull a standard one-size-fits-all solution out of a desk drawer. Nor do we want to sell you a new solution, just because it’s currently being hyped. We find out what is right for you - that is why we analyze your business area so intensively first. And we are also courageous enough to select the latest technologies; and reasonable enough to utilize the tried and true. And we will never offer you a solution for which only we can provide support. We pass on our know-how to you and ensure that you can get along without us in the long term.

One thing our work will never cost you: your nerves.

No matter how different the tasks, the commercial model of our collaboration is always something individual. In most cases, we work based on the classical “time & material” model. The costs for the services we provide are always billed on an hourly or daily basis. However, we also offer some services for a fixed price. In these cases, we deliver a finished “product”, such as an application, a concept, a study, a review report, or a prototype. Even more flexible is an agile fixed price model, in which we offer prices for short, individual “sprints”. Your advantage: You can change the direction after each sprint or end the project when the goal has been reached. In software development, we prefer such an agile model. But to enable you plan your project better, we also give you an estimate of the total costs. We are open for closer forms of collaboration. We can also imagine sharing risks with you and participating in your business - through transaction-based fees, revenue or profit sharing, or even joint ventures. Because our fundamental principle is: We can talk about anything.