Software architecture and development

No architecture without a plan.

No development without a how and why.

No decision without a reason.

Years of experience as software architects and developers have taught us one thing: every project is unique. That is why we put your software and system architecture under the microscope and analyze your business processes in detail. An that is why we work independently of manufacturers and products. The results are as varied as our customers. But whether it’s about a modernization concept or about the development of a new, individualized software product, one thing stays the same: we put the user first.

We plan with experience and build for the future.

Since its founding, INNOQ has specialized in technological and methodological consulting for the software architectures of business-critical IT systems. We know only too well the decisive role played by architecture for each individual system and for the overall system landscape. Our range of services is accordingly broad: from independent analysis of your existing environment, to selection of suitable technologies for solid new and continued development, to complete conception and design of successful systems. The environment and the requirements of our customers are always individual, but the focus is always on your competitive edge. To achieve this, we employ a broad range of concepts, methods, and software architecture templates, which we subject to continuous review.

Looking for greater potential for innovation? We recommend a skillful combination of proven architecture templates with improved technologies. This is where you profit from our innate drive to search for new, useable technologies. However, we also frequently recommend conservative solutions with established technologies, such as Java EE or Ruby on Rails. Either way, you get a high-performance, robust, and low-maintenance architecture. After all, all of our architects are experienced programmers, who have provided support for software systems in all phases of their life cycle.

We are specialists. For special things.

The software market is gigantic. Nevertheless, for the individual processes and workflows of many companies, there is no one standard solution. Sometimes, individualized software development pays off – assuming that it creates that decisive competitive edge or provides a distinct, sustained improvement in processes. Naturally, that is one of the questions that we clarify in advance. Like the decision as to how big the solution should be. Is it enough to do an add-on to a piece of standard software, or are your requirements so individual that a completely new development might be the right choice?

Our strengths in software development are speed and great flexibility: We take a pragmatic approach, place value on short feedback cycles, and deliver results fast. Free of ties to manufacturers or products, we always choose the technology that is best suited. Of course, we have many years of experience with many programming languages. And you yourself can decide whether to have us reinforce your team on site or deliver a complete application to you. In the former case, we bring our practical know-how right to your company; in the latter, we assume complete project responsibility. In any case, however, we ensure that you can operate the finished application and develop it further yourself.