Our culture

Our promise

Maximum transparency.

Minimal rules.

And work that we’re proud of.

Our corporate culture arose from the aspiration to do things differently and better. First and foremost: trusting our employees and treating each other with respect. Each individual person at INNOQ has extensive freedom and bears a high degree of responsibility.

INNOQ employees


We are continuously learning, for example in internal workshops or projects, or during our bi-monthly company events. After all, innovative, relevant technologies and ideas are the basis of our work. And it's just as important to us to be part of the developer community: We share our know-how through conferences, technical articles, podcasts, and involvement in Open Source projects.

What’s important to us

We believe in each and every one of our employees. We trust in their competence, their knowledge, and their experience. We are women and men from all age groups, different walks of life, and career paths. Together, we are a team of technology enthusiasts, all of whom are express their own opinions and are expected to do so. Of course, we believe that technology improves our lives. Technology is at the heart of INNOQ. That is why we rely on facts instead of ideologies. That is why learning and knowledge transfer are so important to us. What we do not believe in are hierarchies and rigid structures, all of us can and should do (almost) anything; but above all, we do the things we love. Not only do our employees benefit from this, but also all of our customers.