Digital product development

We turn your ideas into unique services.

How we collaborate with you

Some design products.
Others develop software.

INNOQ can do both.

In our view, a mature product can be developed only when design and development work hand in hand. That is why we have developed modules that permit a unique approach. With methods that exert their effect at just the right point in time – from the first vague idea to the finished product; methods that from the very start incorporate user groups and accelerate processes.

Our offering

The top-to-bottom module

Vision Day

Is your idea still just at the beginning? In a joint workshop based on the lean canvas principle, we take the next necessary step. Together with you and your team, we put your idea to the test and develop business goals, target groups, and product benefits.

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The time-is-money module

Design Sprint

Tangible results and real user feedback in four days? Sounds like quite a feat, but is a proven method for getting answers to decisive questions about product ideas – through design, prototyping, and user tests. Much more efficient than brainstorming! At the finish line of a design sprint, you will see measurable results that can save you months of non-validated development work.

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The everything-on-a-note module

Ignition Days

Now it gets real. In this workshop, we work together with product owners and all the important stakeholders to develop criteria for the MVP (minimum viable product) – a product with the minimum scope needed to reach the initial business goals. In doing so, we work with modern, proven tools and a big pile of Post-it notes. It’s called user story mapping, a method as creative as it is efficient in defining the initial product scope.

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The ready-set-go module

Backlog Boost

The heart of product development is the backlog, meaning the list of all the features to be developed and the associated tasks. The backlog boost saves you valuable time and money: An experienced digital product designer works together with your product owner to create and prioritize the first concrete work packages – enabling the development team to be productive right away, starting with the first sprint.

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The all-hands-on-deck module

Team Campfire

This workshop for the entire product team ensures that all the decisions relevant to the collaboration have already been made in advance – and do not tie up valuable time during the actual development phase. It is just as important for the team to understand the product vision and to jointly specify the acceptance criteria applicable for the completion of the features.

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From our experience: inseparable

Continuous Discovery &
Continuous Development

Now the actual development process can begin. However, ensuring that a really good product comes out at the end requires not only software development (continuous development) but also user tests and validation (continuous discovery). And it is even more important that they both take place in synch. We use all our experience to make sure they do: Forward-looking concept work takes place parallel to and in concert with development. And, of course, UX experts are part of the product team. The features conceived are developed right away and then tested. The feedback from the tests flows back into development without delay. That ensures that every development provides the desired outcome. And that the time is soon at hand for the now-we-deliver module!