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Our toughest job? To do it better.

Before we founded INNOQ, we had learned a lot. Unfortunately, that also included how we did not want to work. Therefore, from the very start, our goal was to be the employer for which we always wished we could work. As we see it, that includes one thing above all: no hierarchies. Of course, there is a management, and there are job titles: Consultants, Senior Consultants, Principal Consultants, and Fellows. But they describe activities, not positions. We do not expect experienced technical consultants to take on a management role. Despite their professional experience, they are still permitted to do programming or - depending on the particular area - to do substantive work in projects in other ways. When you add it all up, this leads to open, constructive communication, to challenging discussions, and, not infrequently, to contradictions. But it is not about vanity and playing games. We are proud of that.

Best for the common good: independence.

Absolute trust in our employees is another thing that is especially important to us at INNOQ. And related directly to that: individual responsibility. All of us know which hardware and software lead to the best results; so we do not quibble about euros. All of us get the computers we want, can order the materials we need. We are happy to do without forms and processes - and in return we demand decisions that are based on sound common sense.

And all of us know where and when we can do our best work. For that reason, it is not the time we spend sitting at our desks, but the results that count. If the project permits, each employee can decide how to budget his or her time and whether to work in the office or at home. After all, we can not fly the flag of diversity and equal opportunity without accommodating the different needs of our employees. That also includes harmonizing private life and family with work.

We never stop learning. And preferably from one another.

Not only do all of us share an enthusiasm for technology, but - even if it is blowing our own horn - we are all extraordinarily proud of our impressive overall competency. Some of us are true experts in our areas; others are generalists. All of us appreciate the opportunity for a give-and-take on the highest level, and many of our colleagues have come to us, because, at their previous jobs, they were sick and tired of being the one who always knew the most.

All of us are repeatedly discovering new topics about which we can learn something new. Many of us also love to do that on our free time, but we also provide everyone with plenty of opportunity to do so at work. After all, it often happens that such knowledge can be applied practically in the next customer project. We also expect our colleagues to share their knowledge. And we promote that sharing with every resource at our disposal: Several times a year, everyone at INNOQ attends company events with technical presentations, programming workshops, and discussions of new technical challenges. In addition, smaller workshops are held regularly to try out new technologies.

You don’t have to be a great speaking talent and shine with presentations at conferences and community events. But we encourage all our employees to share their knowledge through blog posts, articles in technical journals, in our podcast, or just in conversation with colleagues. A nice side effect: Through the regular sharing of knowledge, we all get to know each other better and keep in contact regularly, despite different locations and individual work models.

Shared goals are the best starting conditions.

We are always looking for people who fit in with us, who share our values and aspirations. Experienced technical experts and those just starting out in their careers. People with completely new ways of thinking or unusual resumes, who are an enrichment both as people and experts. But that also applies even when we are not placing a job notice. There’s a simple reason for that: Our work has a strong project orientation, and we never know so exactly who we will be needing in the coming months. For that reason, we don’t hire people for a concrete project, but instead are looking for a long-term relationship in which we can learn from one another.

Nevertheless, we are happy to receive any application. And even happier about each new colleague who looks forward to challenging projects and enhances our know-how. Therefore, we do our best to ensure that they quickly feel at home here, for example through mentors who help the “newbies” with all the questions that come up in the beginning. And, of course, the management and the team are always ready to lend an ear. And that naturally applies to long-time employees as well. Because, even though we all work as independently as possible, no one is ever left alone at INNOQ.

Send applications and resumes to jobs@innoq.com.

For everyone.

Want to know how you work for us as a person with impairments, whether physical, sensory or cognitive? Our blind colleague and Senior Consultant Andreas Maier will be happy to answer your questions!

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