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Before we founded INNOQ, we had learned a lot. Unfortunately, that also included how we did not want to work. Therefore, from the very start, our goal was to be the employer for which we always wished we could work. We want colleagues who ask questions and who are able to think for themselves; employees who are curious, eager to learn, cooperative, and tolerant. See for yourself here how we work and what we can offer you. We look forward to getting to know you!

INNOQ employees

Technology know-how is our superpower, and, thanks to our employees, it’s getting stronger everyday.

INNOQ employees

What makes us different



As a P*, you support the successful implementation of software projects, and, you accompany processes. You provide methodical support and advice to ensure that projects run smoothly and provide support both at project level and at the level of the organization. In our company, P* stands for various roles in software development: e.g. Product Owner, Project manager or Product manager.
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In User Experience Design, you work as part of a team to develop a product that fits the needs and expectations of users. You gather information about the environment and behavior, on the basis of which you design navigation concepts and task sequences. In regular tests and user interviews, you validate hypotheses and gather feedback.
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As part of a team, you develop a product, that meets corporate goals *and* ensures satisfied users. You advise our clients, take responsibility and make decisions as part of a team. We don’t do things that don’t make sense. You’ll use technologies that fit the problem we are solving. Being enthusiastic about modern technologies is definitely an advantage.
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Interns and students

You are a pupil, student or you have just graduated? Are you interested in getting to know INNOQ as a company? Then we would like to welcome you as an intern, working student or trainee!
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Any questions?

You would like to apply and have open questions? Contact us personally, we will be happy to answer you.

Your path to us

Your application

Send your application with CV to Melanie Kamp. You will receive the first feedback as soon as possible (within a few days).

Get to know each other

We will arrange a first meeting with one of the managing directors, during which we would like to gain a first impression of you. Here, we clarify what you want to do with us, and, what your starting position is. We will also clarify the general conditions.

Interview with the managing directors

You will have an interview with two of the managing directors via Zoom, where we will get to know you even better. Duration: approximately 2 hours. What is your story? What’s your experience and what do you want to work on? Why do you want to work with us? We don't have a coding challenge like other companies. Just convince us of what you know in a short expert discussion. We will also tell you everything you want to know about INNOQ. We will also talk about your salary expectations and when you can start with us.

Conversation with other team members

Optionally, there will be another interview with other team members in your field.

Our job offer

We send you a draft contract, where comments are always welcome, and finalize the application process with the digital signature. Then you’re ready to start!

Your start

You will have a mentor at your side to give you the best possible support. The first few days are all about getting settled in. You will get to know your team members and our culture before you start your first project!


Would you like to apply? Then send your application with your CV to Melanie Kamp.

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Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen

INNOQ im Porträt

Blog Post

Rollen- und Gehaltsmodell bei INNOQ Deutschland

Im Laufe der Jahre haben wir bei INNOQ mit einer Reihe unterschiedlicher Rollen- und Gehaltsmodelle experimentiert. In Deutschland haben wir mittlerweile ein relativ stabile Struktur, die in diesem Beitrag näher beschrieben wird.

Blog Post

Familie und INNOQ

Der Zeit-Artikel „Berufstätige Mütter leiden unter Diskriminierung“ hat mich motiviert, darüber zu bloggen, wie wichtig uns bei INNOQ das Vereinbaren von Privatleben, Familie und Arbeit ist. INNOQ erreicht dies durch inhaltsbezogene Aufgaben, dezentrale Projektorganisation und einer Balance aus Freiräumen, Wertschätzung und Leistungsorientierung.


Women in Tech: Hanna

Kreativität und Softwareentwicklung – Passt das zusammen?


INNOQ & Familie

Consulting und Familie – geht das überhaupt?


Ordnung durch minimale Regeln

Wie viele andere Unternehmen dieser Branche auch ist INNOQ in der Boomzeit der Jahrtausendwende entstanden. Mit einigem Frust aus vorangegangenen Tätigkeiten gründeten wir damals mit einigen Gleichgesinnten ein Unternehmen mit dem Anspruch, Dinge anders und natürlich besser zu machen, als wir sie vorher bei unseren Arbeitgebern erleiden mussten. Daraus hat sich mittlerweile ein System entwickelt, das nicht nur die Geschäftsleitung, sondern nahezu alle Mitarbeiter bei INNOQ sehr schätzen – und das Erstaunen, dass uns beim Erklären des Modells häufig entgegenschlägt, war Motivation genug, die wesentlichen Aspekte in diesem Artikel näher zu beschreiben. Sicher passen nicht alle unserer Lehren zu jedem Unternehmen, aber vielleicht können sie Ihnen als Inspiration dienen. Für uns hat es bislang sehr gut funktioniert – nicht mehr, aber auch nicht weniger.

Blog Post

INNOQ and Family

Is it possible to successfully combine a family and a consulting career? Here at INNOQ we think so. Three of our employees report on how and why this works well.


Women in Tech: Anja

Feedback hilft - Immer!

INNOQ Stories


Measuring, controlling, regulating – and automating

Sebastian lives with his wife and two children near Leverkusen, exactly between the two INNOQ locations in Cologne and Monheim. He feels at home working with both the front end and the back end. Outside of work, he's interested in everything related to "measuring, controlling, and regulating." He is particularly interested in the Internet of Things – a passion that he can fully embrace in his newly built home.

From lone wolf to team player

Benjamin, or Ben for short, lives with his wife and daughter near Ingolstadt. His passion for excellent coffee has earned him the nickname "coffee consultant." As an architect and developer at INNOQ, he is mainly responsible for software quality and software development processes. Plus he’s a certified trainer for iSAQB Foundation Level and Advanced Level IMPROVE.

Greater independence through good data

Larysa lives with her family in Berlin. The Ukraine native earned her doctorate in augmented data quality at TU Berlin. At INNOQ, her main areas of focus include machine learning operations (MLOps) and data architecture. In her spare time, Larysa loves to do triathlon.