INNOQ Perspectives

5 Kollegys, 5 Perspektiven

Ob Nerd, Konferenz-Tourist, Theoretiker, Praktikerin, Chaotin oder Multitalent: Dass Kollegys mit unterschiedlichsten Arbeitsweisen ihren Platz bei INNOQ finden können und eine echte Bereicherung sind, zeigt Anja in dieser Folge. Mit Michael, Alain, Marie, Jan und Lisa spricht sie über deren alltägliches Arbeiten in der IT-Beratung und wie sie diese angehen.
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Senior Consultant

Anja Kammer is Senior Consultant at INNOQ and creates cloud-native web applications. She deals with deployment automation and CI/CD systems in particular. Her focus is on the topics DevOps, cloud infrastructure and Kubernetes. She is also an accredited trainer and co-curator for the iSAQB Advanced Level Module CLOUDINFRA.


Marie Förster arbeitet als Consultant bei INNOQ und unterstützt im OctoPIM-Team im Bereich Marketing. Privat ist sie begeisterte Imkerin.


Michael is a fellow at INNOQ. His current areas of expertise are Domain-driven Design, Team Topologies, socio-technical architectures and the transformation of IT delivery organizations towards collaboration and loosely coupled teams. Michael is also the author of the book “Hands-on Domain-driven Design - by example” on Leanpub and a regular speaker at national and international conferences.

Senior Consultant

Alain Njike arbeitet bei INNOQ als Senior Consultant.


Jan Seeger is a Consultant at INNOQ. He has several years of experience with software development in the commercial research sector. He is mainly active in the Java environment, and deals a lot with programming languages, their differences, and similarities.

Senior Consultant

Lisa worked as Senior Consultant at INNOQ until July 2023. Her main topics are web-architectures and programming in Java and JavaScript. She does frontend as well as backend-tasks. Besides programming and designing architectures, she does sketchnoting. Since June 2020 she creates sketchnotes for SoftwareArchitektur im Stream on a regular base. Occasionally she is in front of the camera as a guest or interviewer.