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Wer gerne Aufgaben bis ins kleinste Detail durchdenkt, Abschlussberichte ungern schreibt, sich als Erklärbär bezeichnet, harte Nüsse lieber im Team knackt oder mit dem Verwerfen von Ideen kein Problem hat: Das erfahrt Ihr in der dritten und letzten Folge der Reihe INNOQ Perspectives, in der Anja fünf Kolleg:innen nach ihrer ganz eigenen Arbeitsweise fragt. Dieses Mal sind Michael, Melanie, Roman, Sonja und Daniel mit dabei.
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Senior Consultant

Anja Kammer is Senior Consultant at INNOQ and creates cloud-native web applications. She deals with deployment automation and CI/CD systems in particular. Her focus is on the topics DevOps, cloud infrastructure and Kubernetes. She is also an accredited trainer and co-curator for the iSAQB Advanced Level Module CLOUDINFRA.

Senior Consultant

Michael has more than fifteen years of experience building and maintaining software for the JVM. As a senior consultant for software architecture and engineering at INNOQ, he helps clients by building well crafted and value providing software. He also contributes to open-source projects, publishes articles, delivers talks, and was announced java champion in 2021.

Senior Consultant

Daniel Lauxtermann is a Senior Consultant at INNOQ. For many years, he has been working as an agile project manager, product owner, or business analyst/architect. His focus is on building bridges between people in projects.

Senior Consultant

Roman works as a senior consultant and developer for INNOQ Germany. He builds web applications, preferably in agile teams and is focused on frontend related aspects like responsible use of web technologies, application architecture and tooling. His current interest lies in accessibility, responsive web design and user experience.


Sonja is a visual designer and autodidactic developer interested in the space where technology, art and society collide. In October 2014 she earned a Master’s in Sustainable Design from Kingston University in London, then relocated to Berlin. She currently works as a creative consultant for INNOQ.