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„Wie sieht deine tägliche Arbeit bei INNOQ aus?“, fragt Anja unsere Kolleg:innen Matthias, Joy, Markus, Dajana und Lena. Wer lieber asynchron arbeitet, Ruhe fürs Coden braucht, Tänze choreografiert, sich als virtuell reisend oder als Schmiermittel bezeichnet, erfahrt ihr in dieser Ausgabe der Podcast-Reihe INNOQ Perspectives. 
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Senior Consultant

Anja Kammer is Senior Consultant at INNOQ and creates cloud-native web applications. She deals with deployment automation and CI/CD systems in particular. Her focus is on the topics DevOps, cloud infrastructure and Kubernetes. She is also an accredited trainer and co-curator for the iSAQB Advanced Level Module CLOUDINFRA.


Matthias arbeitet als Consultant bei INNOQ.

Senior Consultant

Joy Heron is a senior consultant at INNOQ and develops web applications (both in the frontend and the backend). She loves functional programming and web security, and she also enjoys designing reusable web components and ensuring that the user experience is optimal.

Senior Consultant


Markus Harrer is a software engineer who’s passionate about improving the way we do software development. He specializes in the analysis of software data such as source code, application performance data or version control repositories to show the underlying problems of the symptoms we face on the surface. He is an active contributor in communities on the topics of Software Analytics, software architecture, software modernization and Java. He is also an accredited trainer for the iSAQB Foundation Level and the Advanced Level Module IMPROVE.

Community Projects


More training e.g., for Wardley Mapping, Software Analytics and software modernization on request.

Conference and Event Manager

Dajana Günther is an event and conference manager with years of experience in organizing international IT conferences. She’s with INNOQ since April 2022. Here she is responsible for the internal events as well as for conferences where INNOQ is part of the organizing team.


Lena Kraaz is a consultant at INNOQ. Her focus is on working with teams, processes and product ownership. She supports companies as a facilitator in the implementation of projects and agile processes.