ProofForms supports the expert reviewers through scheduling, correspondence, and digital transmission of the expert opinions they prepare MEDICPROOF. INNOQ was hired to do a completely new development to replace the outmoded software, which was no longer able to handle the requirements of the 2017 German Care Reform Act.


ProofForms 8, the new version developed by INNOQ, utilizes state-of-the-art web technologies and can be used offline and online. ProofForms 8 was implemented as a web application, but expert reviewers can also run it locally as a desktop application. In addition to the actual technical implementation of the project, INNOQ also handled the deployment of agile development processes, including coaching for the product owners and developers.

Because MEDICPROOF until now has done development based on the waterfall model, the agile approach was initially unfamiliar and had to make its way into “the heads” of all the project members. However, we then quickly learned to reconsider and revise our own procedures. In the future, we will profit from the project with INNOQ and the agile approach.

Head of IT Coordination


Thanks to the consistent use of web technologies, the expert reviewers at MEDICPROOF are able to use the application online and offline. Furthermore, the enhanced user experience simplified the procedures for the expert reviewers. The agile project process simplified communications among the corresponding stakeholders and MEDICPROOF and provided a transparent overview of progress and status.