Ruby on Rails

Das Full-Stack-Web-Framework

In dieser Folge spricht Robert Glaser mit Stefan Tilkov über das Web-Framework Ruby on Rails. Robert stellt die Hauptbestandteile und aktuellen Neuerungen des Frameworks vor und schildert seine Erfahrungen im täglichen Umgang mit Rails.
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In Memoriam ∞ CEO & Principal Consultant

Stefan was a founder and Principal Consultant at INNOQ Germany, where he spent his time alternating between advising customers on new technologies and taking the blame from his co-workers for doing so. He was a frequent speaker at conferences and author of numerous articles.

We mourn the loss of Stefan.

Head of Data and AI

Robert Glaser works as Head of Data and AI at INNOQ and boasts extensive experience from his previous role as a Senior Consultant. With a background in software engineering and expertise in developing ergonomic web applications, he advises companies on shaping sustainable IT strategies with a focus on Artificial Intelligence. He has a particular interest in the use cases for generative AI and the integration of AI into software products. In his podcast “AI und jetzt,” he discusses the opportunities of AI in diverse contexts. As a bridge-builder between technology and the business world, he is passionate about user-centered digitization. Beyond that, culinary delights are his major passion.