Stefan Tilkov

CEO & Principal Consultant

Stefan is a founder and principal consultant at INNOQ, where he spends his time alternating between advising customers on new technologies and taking the blame from his co-workers for doing so. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and author of numerous articles.

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Stefan Tilkov is a co-founder and principal consultant at INNOQ, a technology consulting company with offices in Germany and Switzerland. He has been involved in the design of large-scale, distributed systems for more than two decades, using a variety of technologies and tools. He has authored numerous articles and a book (“REST und HTTP”, German), and is a frequent speaker at conferences around the world.

The long version

Stefan Tilkov is a managing director and co-founder of Germany- and Switzerland-based consulting company INNOQ. Although he is tasked with quite a bit a bit of administrative stuff, he still tries to maintain some technical knowledge. This means, for example, that he still consults in customer projects. Fortunately, the company is still small enough so that this is feasible. His current technical interests include large-scale software development, software architecture, distributed systems (with a focus on REST), and functional programming.

Stefan is a founding member of iSAQB, a member of the OBJEKTspektrum Fachbeirat, author of a lot of articles, and a frequent speaker at conferences in Germany and abroad. He also used to be lead SOA editor at the InfoQ online community site.

Stefan has been involved in the IT industry since 1990. He started to work as a C++/Unix programmer, got to know databases, network programming, distributed computing technologies such as DCE and CORBA, became a team lead, project manager, and area manager before finally deciding he was too young to spend his life on administration only and left to become a freelance consultant. While being able to program again was great, the freelance existence bothered him because he found it hard to influence stuff when you’re on your own, so founding a company was a natural next step and happened in 1999. Since then, he’s dabbled with a ton of different technologies, such as Java, J2EE and Java EE, Ruby on Rails, Clojure, web services and REST. He has also helped grow innoQ from 5 to around 110 people (as of Q1/2018); the company’s focus remains on software architecture and software development.

Contact information

Stefan Tilkov
innoQ Deutschland GmbH
Krischerstr. 100
D-40789 Monheim, Germany
Phone: +49 2173 3366 118
Skype: stilkov
Twitter: @stilkov



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