Microservices - Are your Frameworks ready?

microXchg 2015 - The Microservices Conference

13. February 2015 | -

The term “MicroServices” has become a marketing buzzword filled with a variety of different meanings. This actually not-so-new service-oriented approach to system architecture promises great advantages compared to its monolithic counter parts but it also comes with a lot of new challenges which developers didn’t find themselves faced with before. In this session we’d like to highlight those challenges that arise in practice and take a look at how different JVM-based application development stacks try to tackle them. We will identify gaps and discuss whether its reasonable at all to expect your framework to bridge them. Examples shown will include Dropwizard, Spring Cloud and Play2 Scala.


Kalkscheune, Berlin
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Alexander Heusingfeld is a senior consultant for software architecture and engineering at innoQ in Germany. As a consultant, software architect and developer he supports customers with his long-term knowings of Java and JVM-based systems. Most often he is involved in the design, evaluation and implementation of architectures for modern web-applications and microservices in software modernization projects. His current focus is on team organization and software evolution.

He loves to contribute to OpenSource projects, speaks at IT conferences and Java User Groups and occasionally blogs at goldstift.de.

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Martin Eigenbrodt is a senior consultant for software architecture and engineering at innoQ. He has many years of experience in building software for the JVM. He focuses on design and implementation of RESTful architectures, Continuous Delivery and modern languages.

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