Micro Services on the JVM - a practical overview

There is a lot of chatting going on about the new cool kid on the block - micro services. Though actually not-so-new this service-oriented approach to system architecture promises great advantages compared to its monolithic counter parts which are often found in real-life businesses. Unfortunately it seems that many developers get lost on the way due to a lack of concrete practical examples.

In this session we’d like to show different implementations of MicroServices on the JVM and their individual benefits. We’ll look at Dropwizard, Spring Boot + Java8 and Play2 + Scala. Doing this the attendees will get an idea of how to get started with Micro Services, how to slice a “monolithic idea” into vertical services and what the benefits are.

Link to JavaOne CON4952 talk

12:30 - 13:30
Conference / Event
JavaOne 2014
Hilton Union Square, San Francisco, CA, USA


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