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So you want to compose some functions

Let’s say you have a list of functions and you want to compose them. Should be trivial, right? Of course it is, but maybe there’s an elegant way.

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong

What could possibly go wrong if you put Clojure 1.10 and Scala 2.13 on the same classpath? We’re about to find out.

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Scala Days 2019 in Lausanne

Unser Erfahrungsbericht

Case Study

Pure start-up spirit

More than 20,000 customers are already using the Swiss e-bike sharing platform smide – and the numbers are still rising. However, the road there, with INNOQ along from the very beginning, was not always smooth. The keys to success: advanced technologies, an agile approach, and a common concept for IoT technology and the business model.
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Functional Service in Scala

Functional programming helps programmers to reason about their codebase using referential transparency and side-effect control principles. Let’s push the limit and make pure-functional REST service using IO Monad from Cats-Effect project. First, we will do that using Akka-HTTP library and standard Scala Future as effect type. Afterwards, we will switch to abstract effect F to have a choice, when it comes to run our embedded program.

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The language of maths is not the language of your business


Advanced Scala – Teil 2

Type Level Programming


Advanced Scala - Teil 1

Scala für Fortgeschrittene

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Solving the wrong problems


When Option is not good enough


Microservices - Are Your Frameworks Ready?


Put your writes where your master is

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Functional Validation in Scala

Validation is something everybody needs eventually when working with domain models. The Scala ecosystems offers a wide rage of tools which can be used for this purpose. This blog post introduces some of the most common approaches by applying them to a domain model.

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Docker images for developers

Docker seems to be all the rage lately. There are docker talks at every conference, hosting Docker containers has become a hosting option with most if not all PaaS providers, and there is hardly a technology left that is not supposed to run better and more flexibly if you wrap it in a Docker container. Well, except maybe for enterprise-level DBMSs, but you can’t have them all. This post provides an example how Docker can be used at the start of the software lifecycle, during development.


Attribut-basiertes Testen mit Scala

Wo hilft funktionale Programmierung bei der Automatisierung von Testaufgaben


innoQ bei den Scala Days 2014 in Berlin



Das Full Stack Web-Framework auf der JVM



Was die objektorientierte, funktionale JVM-Sprache in der Praxis bringt