I long for short feedback loops. Being able to effortlessly change the code, load new data, and immediately see results in the same window gives me a massive productivity boost. Nextjournal, a platform for authoring and sharing Jupyter-like notebooks, gives me exactly what I need.

Nextjournal notebooks are a great tool for trying things out, sharing the results, and enabling others to build on top. They’re also language-agnostic. The environment allows you to spin up several runtimes—each with its own programming language and a virtual machine—and embed them in a single document. The data they produce can be shared across runtimes, processed further, or visualised within the notebook.

I like Nextjournal an awful lot. I’ve been experimenting with it trying to build a Clojure wrapper for a Scala property-based testing library Hedgehog. It’s been a very pleasant experience. The environment lends itself well to playing with code and data, encouraging experi­men­ta­tion. I’m happy to share the results and I encourage you to build on top of them.

Find the notebook at nextjournal.com/jan/what-could-possibly-go-wrong.