Remote Mob Programming

Home but not alone

Seit über einem halben Jahr machen Jochen, Simon und Martin in ihrem aktuellen Projekt Remote Mob Programming. Stefan Tilkov spricht mit ihnen wie Remote Mob Programming funktioniert, warum sie nicht mehr anders arbeiten wollen und was es unseren Kunden an Vorteilen bringt.
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In Memoriam ∞ CEO & Principal Consultant

Stefan was a founder and Principal Consultant at INNOQ Germany, where he spent his time alternating between advising customers on new technologies and taking the blame from his co-workers for doing so. He was a frequent speaker at conferences and author of numerous articles.

We mourn the loss of Stefan.

Senior Consultant

Jochen Christ is a Senior Consultant at INNOQ in Germany. He is a senior software engineer and specialist for self-contained systems and data mesh. As a technical lead, he empowers teams to sustainably deliver software. Jochen is maintainer of http-feeds.org, whichjdk.com, and he is co-author of remotemobprogramming.org and datamesh-architecture.com.

Senior Consultant

Dr. Simon Harrer is a Senior Consultant at INNOQ. As part of a remote mob, he fights everyday out for simple solutions with domain-driven design, fitting architectures such as microservices or monoliths, and clean code in Java, Ruby or even JavaScript. Most recently, he wrote the book Java by Comparison that helps Java beginners to write cleaner code through before/after comparisons.

Martin Huber works as a Senior Consultant at INNOQ. More than a decade his professional life is filled with the design and creation of Integration-Applications in Java. His main focus is on Java EE and Web-Technologies for complex integration-challenges.