Entwicklung im Feierabendmodus

Wie man neben dem Beruf ein Produkt entwickelt

In dieser Episode spricht Lucas Dohmen erneut mit Robert Glaser über den Reisekosten Gorilla. Dieses mal geht es aber um die technologische Perspektive: Wie wählt man den richtigen Tech-Stack für ein Projekt, was vor allem Abends nach der Arbeit im Feierabendmodus entwickelt wird? Welche Technologien kamen zum Einsatz? Warum wird auf AWS gehosted? Wieso ein Monolith und keine Microservices? Wie arbeitet man asynchron und verteilt?
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Lucas was a senior consultant at INNOQ until August 2023. He works on the architecture, conception, and implementation of web applications on the front and back end. He programs in Ruby and JavaScript and helps with technology decisions & the adoption of different NoSQL solutions. Lucas is one of the authors of the book “The Rails 7 Way”. You can hear his voice on the INNOQ podcast quite regularly. He does open source and community work (like organizing and teaching at the local CoderDojo).

Head of Data and AI

Robert Glaser works as Head of Data and AI at INNOQ and boasts extensive experience from his previous role as a Senior Consultant. With a background in software engineering and expertise in developing ergonomic web applications, he advises companies on shaping sustainable IT strategies with a focus on Artificial Intelligence. He has a particular interest in the use cases for generative AI and the integration of AI into software products. In his podcast “AI und jetzt,” he discusses the opportunities of AI in diverse contexts. As a bridge-builder between technology and the business world, he is passionate about user-centered digitization. Beyond that, culinary delights are his major passion.