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In dieser Folge spricht Stefan Tilkov mit seinen neuen Co-Autoren Martin Eigenbrodt, Silvia Schreier und Oliver Wolf anlässlich der kürzlich erschienenen dritten Auflage von „REST und HTTP“ über die Grundlagen von REST und Hypermedia und die Frage, wie man gute Web-Anwendungen baut.

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Until October 2017, Silvia Schreier worked for innoQ as a Senior Consultant with a strong background on RESTful architectures. She enjoys diving into new technologies especially into functional programming languages and NoSQL databases. As a coach at Rails Girls workshops or other initiatives she tries to show how much fun computer science can be.

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Oliver Wolf is a Principal Consultant and member of the Executive Board at innoQ, a Germany-based consulting company focussing on software architecture and highly scalable internet solutions. Prior to joining innoQ, Oliver worked as a Product Manager and Lead Architect for SOPERA, an open source SOA product company that was acquired by Talend in late 2010. He holds a degree in computer science and worked in IT security consulting for a while before switching to software architecture.

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Martin Eigenbrodt is a senior consultant for software architecture and engineering at innoQ. He has many years of experience in building software for the JVM. He focuses on design and implementation of RESTful architectures, Continuous Delivery and modern languages.

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Stefan is a founder and principal consultant at innoQ, where he spends his time alternating between advising customers on new technologies and taking the blame from his co-workers for doing so. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and author of numerous articles.

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