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HTTP Feeds

Asynchronous interfaces don’t always require the use of Apache Kafka or RabbitMQ. They can also be designed without middleware just by means of HTTP APIs.



Wie und womit baut man ein gutes API?

Case Study

An interface for Germany’s largest automotive marketplace

VeDaH – the internationally usable automotive database for

Pragmatic RESTful HAL APIs

The Hypertext Application Language (abbr. HAL) is a media type extension to plain JSON/XML – with its introduction in 2012 – no longer a newcomer and used already in many projects with Hypermedia APIs. A good time then to say a few words of praise, also to show obstacles and what solutions we found in daily work with HAL APIs - for implementing clients as well as for the server side.

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Why RESTful communication between microservices can be perfectly fine

Recent debates about REST versus message passing in microservice communication have led to some confusion. What is meant with asynchronous communication in this context and why is REST a perfectly valid choice?

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Praktikumsbericht „Web Discoverable Hypermedia“



Die dritte Auflage ist endlich da!

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Declarative HTTP API Testing with gabbi

While HTTP APIs are ubiquitous these days, testing and documenting such APIs remains somewhat awkward: Tests usually consist of procedural code that is specific to the respective language or even framework - which is neither very expressive nor easy to maintain.