Microservices: Awesome, as long as they are neither ‘micro’ nor ‘services’

GOTO Night: Microservices

22. June 2015 | -

Microservices - awesome, as long as they are neither ‘micro’ nor ‘services’. The concept of a microservices architecture hit the community with tremendous force, and immediately struck a nerve. But the name is unfortunate – some of the connotations it carries are not at all necessary to reap the benefits of this approach. In this talk, we will discuss the forces that are independent from the size and the kind of interface offered, and see how they can be applied to various different scenarios.

Galeria Kaufhof GmbH - Gebäude Galeria.de; Antoniterstraße 19 / Ecke Cäcilienstraße, Cologne
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Stefan is a founder and principal consultant at innoQ, where he spends his time alternating between advising customers on new technologies and taking the blame from his co-workers for doing so. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and author of numerous articles.

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