Alles zu kompliziert

Warum unbeabsichtigte Komplexität oft normal ist

Microservices-Katastrophen, proprietärer Unsinn und überengineerte Single-Page-Applications (SPAs): In dieser Folge sprechen Sven Johann, Jörg Müller und André Aulich darüber, warum Softwareentwicklung einen starken Drall zu übermäßiger Komplexität bekommen hat, beleuchten, wie es dazu kam und diskutieren mögliche Lösungsansätze.
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Senior Consultant

Sven Johann is Senior Consultant at INNOQ and has been involved in the modernization of medium and large Java applications for many years. He is an active participant in various workshops of the Software Engineering Institute (Managing Technical Debt) and the Leibnitz Zentrum für Informatik (Dagstuhl Seminar “Managing Technical Debt”). He is also Program Chair of GOTO Amsterdam and Show Host of Software Engineering Radio.

Principal Consultant

Jörg Müller works as Principal Consultant at INNOQ. He is experienced in the software industry, with a 25+ years of work under his belt. His career spans consulting, crafting software products, and managing teams. His core expertise lies in software architecture and DevOps, and he uses this knowledge to guide startups and corporate ventures in building products and approaching the market. Beyond his work, Joerg is active in community building: he organizes and speaks at user groups and conferences.

Senior Consultant

André is Senior Consultant at INNOQ working on the alignment of technology and organization with company goals. He supports customers defining and establishing roles and organization of IT architects, as well as their collaboration with other parts of the company.