Service Meshes - Teil 2

Infrastrukturen für Microservices

Im zweiten Teil sprechen Hanna Prinz, Eberhard Wolff und Jörg Müller über Argumente für oder gegen Service Meshes. Sind sie wirklich der goldene Wasserhahn, der für die Problemfälle aus Teil 1 Lösungen bietet, oder kommt die ganze Sache nicht doch mit einem hohen Preis, den man zunächst übersieht?
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Hanna was a Consultant at INNOQ, focusing on Service Mesh and Infrastructure. Before that, she worked as a developer for backend, web and apps and as a lecturer for programming. Ever since she experienced the challenges of Ops, she has been most interested in the field of automation and DevOps like Kubernetes, CI/CD and Service Meshes.


Eberhard Wolff worked as a Fellow at INNOQ until July 2023, advising clients on architectures and technologies. His technological focus is on modern architecture approaches – cloud, continuous delivery, DevOps, or microservices often play a significant role. He is the author of over a hundred articles and books, including on topics such as Microservices, Microservice Technologies, and Continuous Delivery.

Principal Consultant

Jörg Müller works as Principal Consultant at INNOQ. He is experienced in the software industry, with a 25+ years of work under his belt. His career spans consulting, crafting software products, and managing teams. His core expertise lies in software architecture and DevOps, and he uses this knowledge to guide startups and corporate ventures in building products and approaching the market. Beyond his work, Joerg is active in community building: he organizes and speaks at user groups and conferences.