Sociotechnical Systems Evolution and Architecture

This 2-day workshop is all about unlocking and driving sustainable co-evolution of org and tech based on customer and business value.

Modern organizations are realizing that they must embrace tech as a key enabler of their products, not just as a “cost center” or “factory” as it used to be. This places tech as a central strategic element to implement modern ways of building products that maximize the value exchange with customers and react to the market.

To make this happen however, it is essential to understand the customer and support the sociotechnical systems that build and evolve those tech-enabled products. It is not just the technical system or great product idea, it is about holistically understanding and evolution of the product, teams/organization and technical systems. This understanding and co-design and evolution is what we call sociotechnical architecture.

In this workshop we will explore methods and tools that enable you to understand and evolve your organization’s sociotechnical architecture. The goal is to give you an overview of approaching this complex system evolution.

The workshop has three main parts:

  • we introduce sociotechnical systems evolution and architecture, and why this is key to set your organization for success on delivering tech-enabled products;

  • then we provide you methods and tools to assess and understand your sociotechnical systems evolution and architecture (using techniques such as Strategic DDD Context Maps, Team Topologies and others);

  • finally we provide mechanisms to define an operating model that enables you to continuously sense, understand and evolve your sociotechnical systems evolution and architecture;

09:30 - 17:30
Conference / Event
DDD Europe 2022
Meervaart Theater, Amsterdam