Architecture Kata

In this workshop you will create Software Architectures - as a focused practice. We will show you how to come up with an Architecture, what to focus on and what makes an Architecture great. It’s an interactive workshop so you will also learn how to communicate your Architecture and finally how to deal with non-functional requirements.

The training is based on Katas - an old Japanese tradition of martial arts trainings. In a Kata certain moves are repeated over and over to really master them - and in this Workshop we will apply these principles to Software Architecture.

Workshop Location

The workshop will take place at the hotel “Park Inn - Alexanderplatz” in Room Virchow 1. Please arrive at the address below around 08:30 AM on Wednesday, December 2, for the registration.

Hotel Park Inn - Alexanderplatz Alexanderplatz 7 10178 Berlin Website

On arrival at the Hotel Park Inn - Alexanderplatz please use the stairs behind or the elevator beside the concierge to the 2nd floor. On the second floor go to the workshop rooms on the right hand side.

10:00 - 17:00
Conference / Event
GOTO Conference Berlin 2015
KOSMOS, Karl-Marx-Allee 131a, Berlin