Building well-behaved web APIs with Play: The obstacles and how to overcome them

Building applications that follow the REST architectural style can be quite cumbersome. Like most other web frameworks out there, the Play Framework does not support you a lot in building well-behaved web APIs. On the other hand, it makes implementing not-so-restful HTTP APIs super easy. As a consequence, developers choose the path of least resistance.

However, the Play Framework is actually quite flexible and modular, so we can replace parts that hinder us and add abstractions that help building RESTful web APIs.

After a motivational introduction to the nature of truly RESTful web APIs, Daniel will explain where Play gets in the way of building them and show how we can overcome these obstacles. I will introduce libraries for supporting common hypermedia formats and show how to implement Play-based web APIs in a resource-oriented manner.

21:00 - 22:00
Conference / Event
Amsterdam.scala Talks & Drinks
Cupenya, Amsterdam