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As an INNOQ fellow, Gernot participates in the strategic development of the company’s consulting and implementation products. He supports clients as a consultant for software architecture in general and documentation in particular.

Dr. Gernot Starke - computer scientist and software architect at heart.

After a long stay in Prograland and sporadic excursions to Analytistan, he has been at home in architecture for years. As a practicing agilist he believes in methodical approaches in software development and lives them accordingly. Gernot is (co-)founder as well as maintainer of arc42 and aim42 - the open source approaches for architecture communication, documentation and improvement. He has authored more than a dozen books on software architecture, patterns and methodical software engineering. As an INNOQ Fellow and consultant, he is involved in small, medium as well as (quite) large IT projects in various industries.



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