Tschüs Lucas

Willkommen neue Hosts

Trommelwirbel und Adé: In dieser 134. Folge verabschiedet sich Lucas nach unglaublichen 76 Folgen als Host des INNOQ Podcasts. Danke! Gleichzeitig stellen sich Anja und Sven vor, die ab jetzt die Mikrofone übernehmen. Sie holen sich letzte Tipps, sprechen über mögliche Themen und Formate für kommende Folgen.
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Lucas was a senior consultant at INNOQ until August 2023. He works on the architecture, conception, and implementation of web applications on the front and back end. He programs in Ruby and JavaScript and helps with technology decisions & the adoption of different NoSQL solutions. Lucas is one of the authors of the book “The Rails 7 Way”. You can hear his voice on the INNOQ podcast quite regularly. He does open source and community work (like organizing and teaching at the local CoderDojo).

Senior Consultant

Anja Kammer is Senior Consultant at INNOQ and creates cloud-native web applications. She deals with deployment automation and CI/CD systems in particular. Her focus is on the topics DevOps, cloud infrastructure and Kubernetes. She is also an accredited trainer and co-curator for the iSAQB Advanced Level Module CLOUDINFRA.

Senior Consultant

Sven Johann is Senior Consultant at INNOQ and has been involved in the modernization of medium and large Java applications for many years. He is an active participant in various workshops of the Software Engineering Institute (Managing Technical Debt) and the Leibnitz Zentrum für Informatik (Dagstuhl Seminar “Managing Technical Debt”). He is also Program Chair of GOTO Amsterdam and Show Host of Software Engineering Radio.