Eine Alternative zu Java?

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In dieser Folge befragt Lucas Dohmen Jörg Müller zum Thema Kotlin. Jörg erklärt, woher die Sprache kommt und wieso es gerade für Java-EntwicklerInnen interessant ist, sich diese anzuschauen. Im Gespräch gehen wir auf viele Features von Kotlin ein, z.B. die Interoperabilität mit Java, das entsprechende Ökosystem und vieles mehr.

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I’m a senior consultant at innoQ, programming in Ruby and JavaScript (and a lot of other languages in my free time ;)) and helping with technology decisions about different NoSQL solutions (and their adoption if we see a fit for them). Outside of work I’m doing a lot of open source and community work (the hacker and nerd calendar hacken.in, organising and teaching at our local CoderDojo and helped to organise the eurucamp conference) and record the podcast Nerdkunde (which is in German).

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Jörg Müller is Principal Consultant at innoQ. Since more than twenty years, he has been working in different roles in IT consulting and software development. Currently he focuses on architecture and operations of software as a service. Topics include Continuous Delivery, Microservices and Docker. He contributes to the community by writing articles and speaking at conferences. He is also involved in the organization of the JUG Berlin-Brandenburg and several conferences.

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