Event Sourcing und CQRS – Teil 1

Vor- und Nachteile sowie Einsatz in verteilten Anwendungen

innoQ Podcast

In dieser Folge unterhalten sich Niko Will und Lucas Dohmen über Event Sourcing und Command Query Responsibility Segregation, kurz CQRS. Wozu kann man diese Patterns verwenden? Was sind Vor- und Nachteile gegenüber anderen Ansätzen? Warum sind sie besonders in verteilten Anwendungen wie in Microservice Architekturen oder Self-Contained Systems (SCS) interessant?

Weitere Episoden finden Sie in der Übersicht.

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Niko Will is a consultant at innoQ and develops software for the JVM. He focuses on designing and implementing highly scalable, distributed software systems. Recently he is dedicated to functional and reactive technologies like Scala, Play and Akka as well as event driven architectures.

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I’m a senior consultant at innoQ, programming in Ruby and JavaScript (and a lot of other languages in my free time ;)) and helping with technology decisions about different NoSQL solutions (and their adoption if we see a fit for them). Outside of work I’m doing a lot of open source and community work (the hacker and nerd calendar hacken.in, organising and teaching at our local CoderDojo and helped to organise the eurucamp conference) and record the podcast Nerdkunde (which is in German).

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