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Web Security


The operation of a software system is always accompanied by the risk of an attack. Be it by exploiting vulnerabilities in the libraries used, own negligence or social engineering. Especially web applications that are accessible worldwide are exposed to a multitude of attacks.
ONLINE: April 19, 2021

2 more dates available

This training provides you with the necessary knowledge to develop secure web applications. You will learn the theoretical basics and deepen them through interactive practical exercises. Our trainers accompany you at all times – with small training groups we ensure intensive support.

Learning goals

  • Risk analysis
  • Secure design and development process
  • Cryptography
  • Technical principles for secure web development
  • Known attacks and attack vectors on the web
  • Security and infrastructure on the web

Who is this training for?

Software architects and software developers alike should be able to benefit from a sound security knowledge at any point in the development cycle. After all, security touches every level of design, development, testing and operation: if a software product needs to be made “secure” only after development is complete, it is usually already too late.

Simon Kölsch, Senior Consultant at INNOQ, is one of the trainers. He also hosts our Security Podcast.
Simon Kölsch, Senior Consultant at INNOQ, is one of the trainers. He also hosts our Security Podcast.

Why you should attend this training

  • Security is no longer a cost factor these days: with the knowledge you learn, you contribute directly to added value
  • The acquired knowledge can be used in both architecture and development independent of technologies and languages
  • Insecure code is the rule, not the exception – as this study shows. Take action and build up the necessary knowledge!


Our training is based on the iSAQB’s WEBSEC syllabus, which has been significantly developed by INNOQ. We aim for an accreditation by the iSAQB by the first date. After completion of the training you will receive the following credits for the admission to the Advanced Level certification exam of the iSAQB:

  • 10 points methodical competence
  • 20 points technical competence

A detailed description of the curriculum can be found in the GitHub repository of the iSAQB.