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Creating data products with Terraform on AWS

Have you heard of data mesh? Are you intrigued by its potential but uncertain how to get started building data mesh and data products? If so, this article outlines a potential approach and delves into the key concepts behind it!


Women+ in Data and AI Summer Festival


Processing medical study data with Data Mesh technologies

Revisiting the tech stack of a self-serve data platform


Data Mesh: Decentralized Data Analytics for Software Engineers

The decentralized data architecture approach Data Mesh is designed to enable developers to independently perform cross-domain data analysis.

Blog Post

Defect Analysis using pandas

Defect Analysis is a classic analysis technique to get insights into how buggy your system might be. In this blog post, we explore how Defect Analysis works and how we can implement it with a standard data analysis tool from Python: pandas.


Software Analytics

Mit Data Science Probleme in der eigenen Software finden