Architecture in the functional world

Functional programming is a game changer for development of complex systems. Among other benefits, it offers us precise control over the state of our application and clearly separates business logic from its side effects. Despite its advantages teams embracing functional programming still face challenges. One of them is a question posed early in project’s lifetime: how should we structure our functional microservices? The goal of this hands-on workshop is an introduction of an architectural approach to building functional backend applications. We’re not reinventing the wheel here; we will reuse a concrete, battle-proven solution. Supported by the Hexagonal architecture we will clearly separate responsibilities in our exemplary service. We will subject our functional and side-effect-free core to extensive validation using property-based testing. We will also discuss other established architectural approaches which can be readily adapted to functional programming.

09:45 - 12:45
Conference / Event
microXchg 2018
Kalkscheune, Berlin

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