Build and Development Environments for Microservices with Nix

Microservice projects often imply that developers work on multiple services at once or occasionally switch to another service - which might be written in another language requiring a different tooling or maybe in the same language but in a different version. Therefore it’s desirable that the whole development environment for a service - like build tools, compilers, runtime environments - is easy to setup, switch and update. Preferably in the exact same version on each developer machine as well as on the CI environment. Nix can help here. In this Lightning Talk I will give an overview how uniform build and development environments for multiple services can be setup on Linux and macOS. I will also give a sneak peak of the Linux Distribution NixOS, which not only comes with Nix included, but also with many other new ideas for configuration and package management.

14:30 - 14:45
Conference / Event
microXchg 2018
Kalkscheune, Berlin


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