Hands-On Migration from Grails 2 to 3

SpringOne 2GX 2015

15. September 2015 | -

In this presentation we will migrate an existing application that is productive (http://www.allschools.de) and running with Grails 2 towards the newest version of Grails 3. This presentation will feature 3 slides and tons of code. You will learn which steps have to be taken and which gotchas you have to be aware of in order to make the migration to Grails 3 as smooth as possible.

Marriott Marquis , Washington, DC, USA
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Michael works a a Principal Consultant for innoQ. He has over 10 years of practical consulting experience in software development and -architecture. His main areas of interest are currently CQRS, Event Sourcing, Microservices, Polyglot Persistence and presentation techniques for developers and architects.

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