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GOTO Berlin 2014

06. November 2014 | -

Home automation nowadays comprises much more than just lighting and HVAC. New Internet of Things devices and services are hitting the market constantly. But how to easily integrate them with each other? The open source project openHAB addresses this problem: it connects to a multitude of different systems and comes with powerful automation rules and nice UIs. Its modular architecture guarantees simple extensibility. While running it on small and cheap embedded devices such as the Raspberry Pi, you can explore the world of home automation beyond the ordinary: do a presence simulation with the push of a button, see live charts of your sensor data, or adjust your irrigation schedule through Google Calendar. Be prepared to see geeky hardware in the live demo in this session.

Kosmos, Berlin
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Thomas Eichstädt-Engelen is a Smart Living enthusiast, and contributor to the Eclipse SmartHome project, as well as project lead for openHAB. Until March 2016, he worked as Principal Consultant at innoQ. He has a strong focus on developing individual custom software with Eclipse technologies (Java, RCP, OSGi) primarily in the Smart Home sector.

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