Understanding SBT: Towards a typesafe and programmable build

Scala User Group Berlin-Brandenburg

16. September 2014 | -

Every developer hates build tools, and because of that, we tend to configure our build by copying snippets from the intarweb instead of trying to understand our build tool. This is no different or even more so the case with SBT, which in some ways is fundamentally different from other build tools.

However, by doing so, you miss out a lot of what SBT can do for you.

In this talk, you will learn about the most important concepts underlying SBT, how it helps you to program your build in a typesafe way, and how to extract re-usable parts of your build configuration into an SBT plugin. You’ll also see how using SBT as an interactive development environment can make your daily development work much more fun and productive.

leanovate GmbH, Berlin
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Daniel Westheide is a senior consultant at innoQ Deutschland GmbH and has been developing server applications on the JVM for 7 years. He is particularly interested in functional programming and distributed systems and published the e-book “The Neophyte’s Guide to Scala”.

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