Eclipse Smart Home

The new Eclipse Smart Home project is a flexible framework for smart home and ambient assisted living (AAL) solutions. It has a strong focus on heterogeneous environments, i.e. solutions that deal with the integration of different protocols or standards.

Its purpose is to provide a uniform access to devices and information and to facilitate different kinds of interactions with them. Main features include a powerful Xtext/Xbase-based rule engine, declarative user interface descriptions and an extensible REST API.

Developers can easily build an individual smart home solution by adding their own extensions to this framework - the result can be deployed on embedded devices which can run a JVM such as a Raspberry Pi. The full stack is pure Java/OSGi and is built on top of Equinox, EMF and Jetty.

A first release of the Eclipse Smart Home project can be expected in early 2014. The initial contribution to this project comes from the open Home Automation Bus (openHAB), which provides a huge list of free extensions, which allow to easily integrate systems like KNX, Philips Hue, Z-Wave, EnOcean, DMX, Plugwise, Homematic or Sonos.

In this talk you will learn about the technical aspects of this project as well as the cool home automation use cases that can be realized with such an extensible framework.

12:15 - 12:50
Conference / Event
EclipseCon Europe 2013
Forum am Schlosspark, Ludwigsburg



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