ROCA: Embrace the Web


Highly interactive web applications have long overtaken static pages as the dominant face of the web as perceived by end users, leading to the much-hyped term “Web 2.0”. Although the precise meaning of that term remains ill-defined, a responsive interaction experience and the possibility to utilize user-generated data are certainly among its core aspects. Considering a growing range of end-user devices and new browser APIs in different stages of maturity, web developers today are faced with a dramatic increase in possibilities and challenges.

Apart from these technological advances, a host of new architectural approaches to building web applications has emerged in the past few years. All of these approaches can be classified along a spectrum ranging from server-side to client-side emphasis, with great differences in the level of “web awareness” expected of developers.

ROCA ( is an attempt to capture a common - if recently somewhat neglected - approach which leverages both server-side and client-side capabilities while emphasizing the authority of the server-side for essential application logic. By building on the well-understood nature of the web, this approach not only preserves the virtues of the web without sacrificing user experience, it also leads to cleaner and more maintainable software architectures.

This tutorial will explain the basic proposition of ROCA, provide various hands-on exercises and serve as a forum for discussing conceptual and implementation issues.

Participants should have at least a basic understanding of HTML, JavaScript and REST principles.

14:30 - 18:00
Conference / Event
Bergen, NO
ROCA: Embrace the Web