Konfliktfrei + Kollaborativ

Ihr kennt es bestimmt: die gemeinsam verwaltete digitale Einkaufsliste. Oder: Tools wie Etherpad und Google Docs, die uns das gleichzeitige Bearbeiten des selben Texts ermöglichen. Doch was steckt technisch dahinter? Wir erklären, was theoretisch dahintersteckt. Und wie Ihr es praktisch nutzen könnt!
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Lisa worked as Senior Consultant at INNOQ until July 2023. Her main topics are web-architectures and programming in Java and JavaScript. She does frontend as well as backend-tasks. Besides programming and designing architectures, she does sketchnoting. Since June 2020 she creates sketchnotes for SoftwareArchitektur im Stream on a regular base. Occasionally she is in front of the camera as a guest or interviewer.


Lucas was a senior consultant at INNOQ until August 2023. He works on the architecture, conception, and implementation of web applications on the front and back end. He programs in Ruby and JavaScript and helps with technology decisions & the adoption of different NoSQL solutions. Lucas is one of the authors of the book “The Rails 7 Way”. You can hear his voice on the INNOQ podcast quite regularly. He does open source and community work (like organizing and teaching at the local CoderDojo).


Lars worked as Senior Consultant with INNOQ in Munich until December 2022. They are interested in programming languages – especially the functional variety –, web development, and theoretical computer science. They write articles and talk about a multitude of topics.