Eine Programmiersprache für non-stop laufende Systeme

In dieser Folge spricht Till Schulte-Coerne mit Christoph Iserlohn über Erlang, eine Programmiersprache und Laufzeitumgebung, die sich besonders zur Erstellung von non-stop laufenden Systemen eignet. Sie diskutieren dabei u. a. die Unterschiede zu anderen Programmiersprachen, die Besonderheiten der Laufzeitumgebung, das „ Let it crash“-Prinzip und was sich eigentlich hinter dem Kürzel OTP verbirgt.
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Senior Consultant

Till Schulte-Coerne is a Senior Consultant at INNOQ and has been implementing web applications with various technologies and frameworks for many years. His focus is on the architecture and implementation of scalable, ergonomic web applications. Furthermore, he is co-initiator of the frontend architecture variant ROCA. He is a regular trainer for workshops especially on the topic of web architecture and web frontend technologies and has also written several articles on this topic.

Senior Consultant

Christoph Iserlohn is a senior consultant at INNOQ. He has many years of experience in the development and architecture of distributed systems. His main focus is on the topics of scalability, availability, and security.