The microsite focuses on uncovering and tackling common antipatterns in software architecture. It offers an in-depth overview of various antipatterns frequently found in software development, aiming to enhance awareness and improve software project outcomes.

Architecture Antipatterns. Common Antipatterns. Case Studies and real-world examples.

Developed and maintained by Christian Jacobs, Felix Schumacher, Theo Pack and Andreas Voigt the site includes case studies and real-world examples, demonstrating these concepts in action.

Antipatterns can occur not only in coding but also at the architectural level. The idea is to document such antipatterns in combination with specific case examples of their occurrence to share our experiences.

Felix SchumacherCo-Creator of, INNOQ

Good architecture is the sum of all decisions. Not all decisions turn out to be the right ones. The collection of antipatterns is intended to provide an overview of supposedly good decisions that have turned out to be unsuitable.

Theo PackCo-Creator of, INNOQ

For more information and to explore the range of resources available, visit Additionally, if you’re interested in contributing your expertise or wish to learn more, the project welcomes contributions on GitHub.