Mark your calendars for November 13th - it’s time for our inaugural Technology Night at our Berlin office! We’re stoked to have Kevlin Henney breaking down a topic we can all relate to: refactoring and modernization. Post-talk, there’s ample time to rub elbows, exchange ideas, and munch on some tasty snacks and drinks. This meetup will commence right after INNOQ Technology Day, our free all-day online conference, will have ended. So why not use the whole day and evening for learning and improving your professional network?

Refactoring is not just clickbait.

“Refactoring is not just a clickbait” with Kevlin Henney

For many people, refactoring is a simple code transformation they click on in a context menu or via a keyboard shortcut. They can extract, inline, replace, move, rename, etc. at will. The widespread availability of automated refactoring should have made oversized classes and long-winded functions a thing of the past. But it hasn’t. Having a tool is only part of the solution: knowing what to do with it and how to use it well is what makes the bigger difference. In this talk, we’ll revisit what refactoring is (and isn’t), examine what practical and social obstacles refactoring faces, understand what refactoring tells us about other coding practices, explore the idea that refactoring should be considered a design process and not just a clean-up click, and that most interesting refactorings are not necessarily automated.

You can find all the information about the program and registration here: