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In the last few months, hardly a day went by without a new tool being presented to the public, relevant blog articles appearing in my bubble, or my imagination running wild with potential use cases. This is probably similar for many of us: trying to keep track leads to overwhelm due to the mass of information that reaches our field of vision.

So anyone who believes that AI tools are just a passing trend will probably have to join the biggest mispredictions in human history sooner or later.

The use of AI tools promises advantages such as higher efficiency and productivity, an improved customer experience, and a reduction in human errors. However, there are also challenges such as data security and the fear of job losses due to the automation of processes.

Nevertheless, I believe that using AI tools is an important step towards an automated and optimized future. It is important that companies and individuals familiarize themselves with these tools and weigh their opportunities and risks.

There are now an almost unmanageable number of AI tools on the market, provided by various vendors - from completely new products to feature extensions in everyday tools.

In our research, we have thoroughly examined the available options, checked them for possible uses and, in particular, for data security. We proceeded in two steps: first, we gained an overview of the multitude and categorized them. Then we analyzed their functionalities and potential users. Overall, the findings were very revealing. We got an overview of which AI tools can be used in a business environment and which we should primarily avoid because of concerns about data protection. It became particularly exciting in connection with data protection…

Data protection

In summary, it makes a significant difference whether you use a paid model or a free version.

Almost exclusively, it was only possible to object to the use of the paid model or to conclude a data processing agreement. Also, regarding the image generation platforms often criticized by artists, only with a paid subscription, one can obtain unrestricted license rights to the self-generated images.

At first glance, the Chatbot ChatGPT from OpenAI seems to be extremely powerful and tempting to make inputs that could contain sensitive data due to its anonymity. However, one should always be aware that in particular in the free version, these inputs can be used to train the next model version. When using ChatGPT, one has agreed to this data use (explained further in the respective “Terms of Use”). Only in the paid version, there is a way to object to data use.

With most providers, transparency has been neglected or only superficially addressed. Transparency at notion.so is particularly noteworthy. A complete list of subprocessors, explanations of data usage, and the easy conclusion of a DPA and the offer of support in this regard impressed us when using an international comparison basis.

In general, it is recommended to only input information into artificial intelligence that could also be published in the form of Stack Overflow posts. We should always be aware of the responsibility when handling sensitive code fragments. Nobody wants to have to report an incident just because we have dealt recklessly with sensitive data in a project. In view of this, we should ensure that we comply with the applicable data protection regulations and adequately protect sensitive data.


AI tools sorted by categories:

Text generation, processing and editing


Moonbeam is a writing assistant that helps efficiently create essays, stories, articles, blogs, and other long texts. With features such as content rewriting, idea generation, and expanding bullet points into paragraphs, well-written content can be created. Moonbeam offers an extensive library of templates and examples as well as tools for editing and improving your text, including spell check, grammar check, and style analysis.

Copy AI

Copy AI helps create better marketing texts and content. The tool offers various features such as creating product descriptions, ads, website texts, blogs, and emails. In the background, Copy AI uses the API of OpenAI GPT-3 and has a large database of over 90 templates for various areas.

Magic Write by Canva

Magic Write by Canva is an innovative tool integrated into Canva Docs that allows users to generate text on the fly. It is particularly useful for creating designs for social media posts, press releases, business plans, customer support responses, product descriptions, and proposals. With Magic Write, texts can be generated from a text prompt or from existing text in their document.


Craftly is a helpful writing assistant that makes writing for various purposes such as blogs, SEO, social media, sales, ads, and websites easier. Craftly offers a variety of integrations and templates for these purposes.


Jasper assists with content and text creation. It can help with idea generation, research, writing, and publishing content. The platform offers a variety of features and benefits for users, including the ability to create marketing-related content. A potential drawback is that it can be difficult to adjust the tone and voice of the generated content to ensure it fits the brand and target audience.

LongShot AI

LongShot AI is an innovative AI-based writing tool that allows users to generate high-quality content that ranks higher on search engines and is tailored to their target audience. The tool is available in 8 languages and fully GDPR-compliant. It seamlessly integrates with various content management systems, including WordPress, Semrush, Copyscape, HubSpot, Ghost, and Medium. It is capable of accessing multiple AI engines such as OpenAI GPT-4 and custom AI models, providing unparalleled quality and flexibility in content development.


Wordtune is an application that can rewrite and rephrase texts to improve writing. Key features include the ability to provide suggestions to improve writing style, as well as the ability to improve the clarity and authenticity of writing. Wordtune also offers a paid version with additional features, such as more suggestions for rewriting and rephrasing text. Wordtune also has a feature called “Wordtune Read” that provides summaries of texts.


Originality AI provides a reliable and easy way to check the originality of content and ensure that there are no plagiarisms or AI-generated content. It is currently one of the most accurate AI content detectors on the market and should be of interest to content creators and the academic world alike.


Passed AI is a promising platform that specializes in detecting artificial intelligence in academic work. The platform enables academic institutions to ensure the integrity of academic work by demonstrating whether work was created by an artificial intelligence. To this end, the platform has entered into a partnership with Originality.ai. It also offers an audit report function that makes it easier for teachers to check students' work.

Video and audio generation, processing and editing


Synthesia is a video creation platform that allows users to create videos by simply entering text and then using an AI-based speech synthesis engine to turn the text into a realistic voice and automatically generate the video.

AI Voice Generator

AI Voice Generator is a voice synthesis platform that allows users to generate realistically sounding voices.

Replica Studios

Replica Studios is a platform for creating realistic, AI-generated voices for various applications such as podcasts, audiobooks, and games.


Listnr is a platform for automatic transcription of audio and video files, allowing users to quickly and easily convert their content into text and search it.

Adobe Podcast AI Voice

Adobe Podcast AI Voice is a cloud-based service that helps analyze podcast audio and generate transcripts. It is powered by Adobe Premiere Pro’s speech-to-text technology and allows for easy audio editing with a transcript. The service also includes an Enhance Speech feature to improve audio quality. There is also a Mic Check feature that evaluates the quality of the recording. Adobe Podcast AI is currently available for free to those who apply and are granted access.

Software development and support


Bito AI is a helpful code assistant that makes life easier for developers by automating everyday tasks. In the background, it uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT API to provide a faster and more efficient way to write code and understand syntax. Bito AI can be installed on any IDE and supports development, unit testing, and commenting.

AI Code Reviewer

AI Code Reviewer is a tool for automated code review. Features include analyzing code style, code quality, and security vulnerabilities. Various programming languages such as Java, Python, and JavaScript can be supported. The tool also offers the ability to define your own rules and standards and can be integrated with various tools such as JIRA and GitHub.

Github CoPilot

Github CoPilot is an AI code generator based on the OpenAI platform. It can generate code lines and suggestions based on the context of the code and user comments. Copilot can also help with creating tests and documentation and is available in many programming languages.

Chat & search

Open AI ChatGPT

Open AI ChatGPT is a powerful chatbot that helps with code development and solving complex problems. It uses advanced artificial intelligence techniques to automatically generate code lines and algorithms, reducing the time for manual input and increasing productivity. ChatGPT can also help identify and correct syntax and logic errors in code by providing precise error descriptions and showing how to fix them. It is important to note that ChatGPT does not have access to the internet and may therefore provide outdated information. Overall, ChatGPT is a very useful tool for developers to optimize their workflows and accelerate code development.

New Bing

The features of the New Bing chatbot include the ability to interact with the bot naturally and get answers to questions. It also generates personalized recommendations and suggestions based on interests. The bot provides context-specific answers and helps users find information quickly and effectively. Further details are currently not known due to limited access.


Perplexity AI is capable of answering complex questions and acting as an extremely powerful search engine. It lists the sources of the provided information and can answer FAQs, provide step-by-step instructions, define terms, find opening hours, and deliver weather forecasts.


YouChat is a free alternative to ChatGPT. It can answer general questions, explain things, suggest ideas, translate and summarize text, compose emails, and write code. It is an AI search assistant with a slightly different profile than ChatGPT, focusing especially on intelligent dialogue. YouChat is a ChatGPT-like AI search assistant that allows users to ask follow-up questions or narrow down results directly. Additionally, it stays up-to-date with the news and cites relevant sources.


neeva is a private, ad-free search engine and browser founded by former Google executives. Neeva offers a free basic version and a premium subscription model with additional features such as unlimited searches, a password manager, and privacy protection tools. The search engine blocks trackers and offers the ability to answer questions with NeevaAI. Neeva allows users to set their search engine to show the best results for them, not advertisers. Neeva does not track users' browsing behavior and does not sell data to third parties.


Raycast is a tool for macOS that allows quick access to functions and applications without having to use the mouse. With Raycast, commands and scripts can be executed, files can be searched, and calendar entries can be created. It is also possible to create custom scripts and integrate them into Raycast to increase productivity.

Logo Design & Branding


NamingMagic is a tool for naming products, companies, and domains. It generates suggestions based on various criteria such as word length, industry, and domain availability. Additionally, NamingMagic offers an extensive database of brands and companies for inspiration.

Looka, LogoAi, and MakeLogo are all AI-powered logo generators that help users create logos for their brand. Key features include logo creation, color schemes, brand identities, and the ability to place and export logos directly on various marketing materials. Although they share most features, there are some differences in their approach.

LogoAi generates logos that adhere to the industry’s common logo design practices and target your brand.

MakeLogo is a logo generator that allows users to choose from a variety of templates and customize them to create their own logos.

Looka is a simple and user-friendly logo generator. It asks for necessary information such as preferred colors, industry, and brand to create a recognizable logo. Looka also allows users to generate endless options and customize designs to get the perfect logo.

Organization & Optimization


ValidatorAI is a free tool that provides objective feedback and criticism for startup ideas. It offers detailed feedback on market opportunities, legal issues, potential customers, and more. Users can input their startup idea and receive feedback.


Fireflies is a AI-based meeting assistant that automatically records, transcribes, and summarizes meetings. It can also create action items, schedule follow-up meetings, and integrate with various tools such as Zoom, Slack, and Salesforce.


Readwise is a reading app that allows users to process and retain information faster and better. It sends a daily email highlighting users' best highlights from Kindle, Instapaper, iBooks, and more. It is the first read-it-later app that enables a real workflow for serious readers. The app is designed to process modern and established content equally, from Twitter threads to PDFs.


snipd is an AI-powered podcast player app that allows users to search for moments in the transcript, receive summaries, and share clips on social media. The app also offers automatic chapters, the most highlighted moments, highlight clips for social media, and AI-powered search for podcast creators. Additionally, Snipd generates summaries of podcast episodes in audio and text form with the help of AI. The app aims to help users discover, collect, and share the best ideas from podcasts.


Notion is an all-in-one platform for notes, tasks, and project management. It offers a variety of features such as flexible notes, databases, task lists, calendars, and more, allowing users to organize and structure their work. Notion can be used for personal and business purposes and is particularly useful for teams that need to collaborate, as it offers collaboration features and real-time updates.



Ortto is an AI-based marketing platform that allows companies to automate and optimize their marketing and sales processes. Ortto’s features include creating marketing campaigns, segmenting target audiences, lead generation, analyzing marketing data, personalizing content, and more. Ortto can also be seamlessly integrated with various CRM systems and other marketing tools to provide a seamless marketing experience.


Luna is an AI-powered application that helps companies find suitable leads. The platform also offers a Chrome extension for Outreach.com and a native Outreach integration to help users create personalized emails. Additionally, Luna offers native integrations with Hubspot and Pipedrive to synchronize users' CRM system and keep the entire sales team up to date in seconds.


Reply is a marketing platform that allows companies to send personalized emails and create automated campaigns. The platform offers features such as segmenting target audiences, analyzing marketing data, and integrating with other tools such as HubSpot and Salesforce. With the help of artificial intelligence, users can also automatically respond to incoming emails and conduct A/B testing.

Image Generation, Editing & Processing

Shutterstock Creative Flow

Shutterstock Creative Flow is a toolkit that simplifies and optimizes the creative process. It offers features such as an AI image generator and simple image editing, but only available to Shutterstock subscribers.

Mokker AI

Mokker AI is an image generation tool that allows users to create realistic images of products and scenes. The platform can also edit and optimize images to ensure they meet users' requirements.

Stockimg AI

Stockimg AI is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to generate images. It offers features such as creating logos, book covers, and posters. Users can enter a description of their desired design.

Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo is an intuitively operable image editing application that offers a variety of features. These include AI-based tools for enhancing images, a wide selection of filters, templates, and effects. The software enables users to quickly and easily optimize and edit their images, regardless of their level of experience in image editing.


Lensa is a mobile photo editing app based on artificial intelligence. The app offers a variety of features for improving and customizing photos, including a portrait mode that enhances facial features and removes blemishes. Additionally, the app includes a variety of filters and effects based on artificial intelligence to make photos unique and appealing.

Topaz Photo AI

Topaz Photo AI is a deep learning-based software that enables image and video enhancements. The software offers features such as noise reduction, sharpening, and enlarging images and videos. It includes various tools such as Denoise AI, Sharpen AI, and Gigapixel AI, designed for specific tasks like noise reduction, sharpening, and enlarging images and videos. Topaz Labs is known for its photo editing programs and also offers a program for video editing.


RemoveBg is an easy-to-use, free online tool that automatically removes the background of an image in a short amount of time. Users can also add a new background to their photo and save it with a transparent background. If you are using Photoshop, there are also several tools to remove the background, including the background eraser.

Dall-E 2

Dall-E 2 is an AI system developed by OpenAI that can create realistic images and artwork from a natural language description. It combines concepts, attributes, and styles to generate original images. The successor to the first model can create images with higher resolution and edit existing motifs.


Midjourney is an AI tool that can create visual art, images, and graphics based on text descriptions. It also features a new function called “Describe”, which can generate appropriate instructions from images. Access to the prompt is through Discord.


DiffusionBee is a free app for Mac that allows users to create AI artworks using the Stable Diffusion model. It is easy to use and does not require technical knowledge or dependencies.

Photosonic AI Art Generator

The Photosonic AI Art Generator is a web-based tool that allows users to create realistic or artistic images from any text description. With creative suggestions, Photosonic helps transform imagination and textual description into appealing digital artworks.

AI Picasso

AI Picasso is an AI-powered platform that enables easy creation of artworks. It offers various styles, options, and templates to generate images tailored to specific criteria and requirements.

Deep Dream Generator

The Deep Dream Generator is based on an artificial neural network developed by Google engineer Alexander Mordvintsev. The network uses a model called Inceptionism, which is normally used for detecting and classifying content in images. The Deep Dream Generator analyzes the entered image and then uses algorithms to enhance and exaggerate patterns and features in the image, creating surreal-looking images. Users can choose from a variety of pre-trained neural network models to achieve different effects.

NightCafe Studio

NightCafe Studio is an AI-based art generation platform that allows artists to effortlessly create diverse artworks and transform their ideas into images. It uses multiple models of artificial intelligence to generate digital artworks. The platform uses a neural transfer technique of styles to reshape photos into various art styles, patterns, or textures. NightCafe also provides a variety of preset


Artbreeder is a creative platform that allows you to remix images and create your own artwork. The platform uses artificial intelligence to generate and modify images. With the “Crossbreed” feature, two portraits can be blended together to create a new image. Artbreeder offers many great features for free, but there are also premium features accessible through a subscription.


Text2Img by DeepAI is a machine learning model that generates images based on text descriptions. It can be used for various applications, such as creating product images for e-commerce websites or generating artwork based on written prompts. The model uses a GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) architecture and has been trained on a large dataset of images and corresponding text descriptions.


Starry AI is an AI art generator app that transforms text inputs into artworks. There are two AI engines that can be used to create artworks. The app is free and can be used to create NFT artworks.


Craiyon is an AI model that can generate images from any text prompt. The website allows users to generate an unlimited number of images that can be used for personal, academic, or commercial purposes.


I recommend not to prohibit the use of AI-based tools entirely. However, you should familiarize yourself with data protection issues and openly discuss them with your clients. There are many useful tools on the market that can support you in your work and offer many advantages. Some of them are listed here, but this is not an exhaustive list, as new tools are being released daily. It is important to find out which tools are best suited to your specific needs.

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