Eine kleine Geschichte über Qualität…

Du denkst Dir nichts Böses, da bittet Dich Tante Lucy um einen kleinen Gefallen… und Du musst Dich entscheiden, wie Du das angehen sollst. Aber als Belohnung winkt ihr leckerer Erdbeerkuchen, außerdem sind wir doch alle Herausforderungen gewöhnt, oder?

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Software quality in the context of value chains and evolution

Quality goals help to make more informed architectural decisions. However, identifying a set of the most needed qualities is a challenging task. Quality requirements are strongly dependent on the perspective of individuals. The importance of certain qualities also changes over time. In this blog post, I introduce an idea that helps to understand qualities in terms of their relevance (and non-relevance). We discover how qualities interplay with value creation activities and evolution by using the ISO 25010 quality model together with Wardley Maps as a foundation.


Quality Driven Software Architecture - Revised

Getting your product quality right

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What’s in a Name: Quality

We use the word quality colloquially for something “good” – but we usually leave open what exactly we mean by it. This article illustrates that we should be a little more precise in this regard.