product development

Case Study

Custom-tailored packing, customized delivery

METRO AG had an ambitious plan: to convert the entire warehousing and delivery system to verticalization. In the successful transformation, INNOQ was responsible for product development and deployment of the system Pick & Pack.
Case Study

The Thermomix as online platform

The Thermomix has changed cooking for ever for countless people. The new model TM6™️ is now going a step further: It provides direct access to more than 40,000 international recipes. To make it work and to ensure worldwide scalability, a state-of-the-art platform concept was needed - under the leadership of INNOQ.
Case Study

Pain Point Becomes Product

In order to counter the growing overhead costs that are incurred at INNOQ each month for travel expense accounting, four INNOQ employees simply built an SaaS solution themselves, laying the cornerstone for the Reisekostengorilla.
Case Study

From Idea to Prototype in 4 Days

Together with Movacar, INNOQ conducted a 4-day Design Sprint, in order to get valuable and real user feedback regarding the envisioned business case for the start-up.